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NUBA-2014: The 1st International Nuclear Physics Summer School

19 - 25 June 2014

Akdeniz University Department of Physics


This Summer School aims at providing basic knowledge and perspectives of nuclear physics for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. It consists of lectures by leading scientists in the field of both experimental and theoretical nuclear physics. Each lecture will start with an introductory talk from the fundamental point of view and end with up-to-date topics in the relevant field. During summer school, short presentations by students and post-docs and poster session are also planned.

Lecture Topics:

1- Nuclear Resonance Flourescence (NRF)

2- Nuclear Instrumentation Module

3- Computer Automated Measurement and Control

4- Charged Particle Tracking with Scintillator Detectors 

5- Nuclear Reactions and Statistical Models

The Summer School is intended for physics students interested in nuclear physics, who have finished their first cycle of studies and hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent, but younger students (third year) are also encouraged to apply.

The experimental part of the school (4-6 hours of laboratory work per day) is accompanied by a series of lectures on subjects related to photonuclear reactions. The lectures take place every day in the morning and offer introductions to photonuclear reactions related topics written above. The school will include experimental tasks that provide them with a hands-on experience with modern scientific equipment (detectors and related electronics, cLINAC etc.) and offer a possibility to get acquainted with good practice rules of laboratory work (e.g. sources and target handling). After a basic analysis of the collected data, students prepare final presentations in a form of 20 minutes talks on their measurements and results.

MsC and PhD students and young researchers can apply to this school. The students with Nuclear Physics background will be prefered. All students and post-doc researchers under age 35 as well as lectures will be supported financially by TUBITAK provided that TUBITAK accepts the application.

Accepted Students List is HERE

* Please note that providing the financial support will be clear during the school. Therefore the students must pay their local expenses and TUBITAK will refund the expenses later providing that it accept this application. Please confirm whether you can participate to the school until 9th of June or not.


The proposed experimental tasks are:

 1-   Natural radioactivity with low background gamma-ray spectrum.
 2-   Measurement of gamma-ray energy spectrum with High-Purity Germanium (HPGe) detector.
 3-   Measurement of half-lives of proton rich nuclei.
 4-   Measurement of yield of fissionable elements.
 5-   Theoretical description of photonuclear reaction.

 6-   Determination of elemental concentration with photoactivation analysis.


  • T. Akdoğan (Boğaziçi)
  • C. Bertulani (Texas)
  • H. Dapo (Akdeniz)
  • J. Lee (RIKEN)
  • C. Özen (Kadir Has)
  • A. Özpineci (METU)
  • T. Saito (GSI)
  • D. Savran (GSI)

Organizing Committee

  • İ. Boztosun
  • Y. Küçük
  • T. Akdoğan
  • A. Özpineci 
  • C. Özen 

 Local Organizing Committee

  • M. Karakoç
  • H. Dapo
  • F. Özmen
  • Y. Çeçen

Advisory Committee

  • M. Harekeh (KVI)
  • T. Saito (GSI)
  • A. Vitturi (NFN, Padova)
  • B. Balantekin (Wisconsin)
  • O. Yılmaz (METU)
  • M. Doğru (Bitlis Eren)

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